In my travels over the years I was able to experience many countries.  Whether the goal was sun and beach, or art and history, or cuisine and night life.  But my favourite countries seem to be located in Europe because they tick off all the boxes!  Does one country stand out from the others?  Hard question as they are all beautiful because they all have their own special features.  If I had to pick my favourite it is Spain.  Keep in mind I have a Canadian and Italian passport but am still choosing Spain.

Spain has everything.  Sun, beach, climate, culture, wine, cuisine, history.  No wonder the Top 10 cities for expats to live in 2020 contains four cities from Spain!  They include Valencia #1, Alicante #2, Málaga #6, and Madrid #9.  I visited all of them and I completely agree.  The article from Bloomberg outlines the list

For this article I want to discuss Málaga as it is one of my favourite.  To begin, Málaga has an international airport which links you with the rest of the world which means getting there is easy.  Since it is sunny all the time, the climate is warm all year round.  If you love food and wine then this city needs to be on your bucket list as there are over 2500 restaurants, bars and cafes to experience.  With an Alcazar that dates back thousands of years, walking to the top of this fortress offers breathtaking views.  Málaga has a marina, a port, a beach, and museums.

The most famous is of course Picasso.  Why?  Because it is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso of course.  Plaza de la Merced is where Picasso’s birthplace is, they even have a bronze statue of him to take a selfie with!

When you are ready to plan your next destination, keep this fantastic city in mind.  For more information feel free to visit our site at  You will not be disappointed!